Transform Your Relationships With Healthy Boundaries Course


A transformative course to help you create, maintain and enforce your boundaries for the better!.




80 page in-depth workbook. Covers: What are healthy and unhealthy boundaries. Boundary violations. Physical boundaries. Emotional boundaries. Time boundaries. Sexual boundaries. Intellectual boundaries. Material boundaries. Self Reflections. Setting boundaries. Plus a detailed action plan and strategies to identify, create and establish your boundaries.

I created this workbook to help you understand the importance of boundaries in your life and to provide practical tools and strategies to help you set and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

The journey of setting and maintaining boundaries can be challenging, but it is essential for your well-being and personal growth. By working through this workbook, you will gain a deeper understanding of your personal values and beliefs, learn how to communicate your boundaries effectively, and develop the confidence to stand up for yourself when your boundaries are being violated.

So, take a deep breath, grab a journal, and get ready to explore your boundaries in a safe and supportive space. Let’s get started!

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