About Clare

Psychotherapist, Coach, NLP Practioner, Hypnotherapist.

I’m an experienced Psychotherapist qualified to Level 7 (Masters degree) a BACP registered and NCPS accredited Couples Psychotherapist Counsellor.  I work with a variety of client issues such as Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, ASD, ADHD, Transgendered issues, Couples Counselling, Affairs, Separation & Divorce, Menopausal symptoms and young people.

I work as an integrative Psychotherapist and have worked therapeutically with individuals, couples and young adults for over 15 years in private practice and I have also worked at Relate Manchester. I also provide clinical supervision to counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches. 

Qualified to Level 7 as a Psychotherapist, with a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy, Counselling & Relationship Therapy, my focus is understanding the key issues, getting results and working to find the best solution for my clients. Clients have previously said that they choose me because whilst I have a friendly and supportive nature I understood them and their needs straight away and worked with them to quickly resolve their issues for the better.

I work with …

Individuals, Couples & Young People.

From relationship issues such as communication problems, conflict, affairs, divorce and separation, post natal depression, loss of intimacy, trauma and I work with same sex relationships and transgender.
Furthermore I work with individuals who may be suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, ASD, ADHD, LGBTQ+ issues, break up of a relationship, menopause difficulties, suicide and self harm.

As a specialist in Anger Management I offer a specific and unique course of face to face or zoom sessions where we work together to fully understand your anger and how it manifests itself, I use a range of therapies to uncover the root of your anger and the impact it has upon your life, then we work to manage your anger in a more healthy way, learning new coping strategies that you can use on a daily basis.

My Qualifications & CPD Training

MA in Relationship Therapy & Counselling

PG Diploma in Clinical Supervision – Distinction.

Post Graduate in Coaching

CPD – Supervision and the Neurodivergent Practitioner.

CPD – Supervising therapists working with Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse clients. 

Post Graduate Diploma Relationship Therapy & Counselling

BA Sociology

PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors) CPD Working with Relational Trauma: Dealing with Disorganised Attachment.

NScience CPD in Always Hurting the Ones We Love:Understanding Intimate Violence from an Attachment and Trauma Perspective.

BACP CPD in Beginning, developing and strengthening the way we work online.

NScience CPD in Eating Disorders: A Psychoanalytic Approach

BACP CPD in Legal issues in therapeutic work with children and young people.

Relate Certificate in Working with Aspergers

Relate Certificate in Working with Domestic Abuse/Violence

Relate Macmillan Certificate in working with Cancer

Beacon Certificate in Self Harm & Suicide

Beacon Certificate in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

UK & European Symposium CPD on Addictive Disorders

Psychotherapy UK CPD – Understanding & Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The impact of childhood trauma on the brain: critical insights from neuroscience 

Trauma & Attachment – Interpersonal neurobiology and the traumatic transference. 

ADHD and neurodiversity interventions for women.