How To THRIVE During Mercury in Retrograde.

In this episode I wanted to talk to you about Mercury in retrograde! How many are you feeling it? How many of you like me have been suffering with recent, constant tech issues? yesterday my whole day was spent trying to fix a sneaky blip on my laptop and it was nothing! But it caused such a huge problem and that’s Mercury retrograde!

So what am I talking about? Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, travel, information, electronics and clear thinking. Normally everything is smooth running but when Mercury is in Retrogade be prepared! Communication and tech will slow down, communication becomes slow, travel gets disrupted and relationships can break-up! Therefore, everything slows down, breaks, schedules are off and items are lost. It’s crazy and pretty nerve wracking!

We live such a fast paced lifestyle and we demand instant responses from our technology.  Wifi, emails, text messages, social media we are so technology focused. Even watching this episode you might be scrolling through your social media or replying to emails. Mercury has a big job of keeping communication online.

Therefore, when Mercury goes into retrograde we’re hit where it hurts the most and it is incredibly frustrating!

In today’s episode I share: 

  • How Mercury in Retrograde could be affecting you.
  • How to THRIVE during Mercury in Retrograde.
  • My key Do’s and Don’ts during this nerve wracking time.

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