Is Covid-19 Triggering Your Anxiety

I really wanted to make this episode today to give CLARITY on what may be happening right now for you in terms of your anxiety.

We are constantly being fed information from the news on the TV & radio and social media…

When we go out our worlds have changed we see people in the supermarket aisles wearing masks, people running with masks, people driving with masks on!

Information changes daily we are not being given clarity on what to do for the best so we are receiving MIXED messages.

If you already suffer from a anxiety disorder such as generalised anxiety disorder, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, panic disorder then you may see an increase in your symptoms, you may be feeling TRAPPED and at times OUT OF CONTROL.

In this video I’m sharing with you:

  • How the current pandemic and isolation may be triggering your anxiety.
  • The symptoms you may be feeling and experiencing.
  • What anxiety can feel like.
  • A range of key strategies that you can implement immediately to help calm your anxiety and associated symptoms.

If you would like to learn KEY strategies to manage and control your anxiety, click HERE.

There’s no magic bullet to beating your anxiety.… it’s just about understanding it and using consistent strategies, don’t give up.

The more regularly you’re willing to show up for yourself, to understand your anxiety, what triggers your anxiety and implement key strategies to manage it the more you will feel in control and less anxious.

If you’d like key strategies on how to manage your anxiety right now check out our FREE transformational anxiety course here.

And let me know in the comments below… what you would like help with.

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